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“You know you’ve made a difference when someone returns to the store, 
shakes your hand and tell you your solution worked perfectly, and thanks you.”

-- John Frentz

If you listen to National Public Radio, then you’re probably familiar with Car Talk, featuring Tom and Ray Magliozzi, “Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers.” Every week on their radio show, Tom and Ray have a little fun with callers while offering dead-on tips about cars and car repair. 

 Well, now it’s time to meet The Hardware Guys. They’re local; you’ve probably driven by their Royal Oak store lots of times. They know what they’re doing and don’t mind sharing the how-to know-how. 

They’re the Frentz brothers – John, Mike and Chip of Frentz and Sons Hardware.

The Frentz Brothers - Chip, Mike & John

John B. Frentz started the family business in 1925 in Detroit, but moved it to Royal Oak in 1932. John B. then handed off to his son, George W., who built up the store even more because he knew what he was selling – personal service. Friendly, personal service. That’s the thing John, Mike and Chip strive for today. 

Frentz Hardware still has wood floors with a little bounce to them, and a wall of windows facing Main Street. The aisles are stuffed with tools and parts that are often difficult to find, and once found, you still might not know exactly what to do with them. 

At Frentz, they’ll walk you through the project you’re working on. They’ll tell you what you do and don’t need and spell out the right way to do it. If one of the Frentz brothers can’t help you because they don’t have what you’re looking for, or honestly don’t know how to tackle the job, they’ll steer you to someplace that does. “We have an extensive list of stores with maps to give to customers when they need to find something we don’t have,” Mike says. “We’ll even explain what to ask for when they go to another store for something we don’t have.” 

That doesn’t happen too often, though. One member of the trio usually nails it. For example, Chip remembers a woman who came in one day saying she had been to several stores looking for an odd-sized screw needed to hold up her under-the-cabinet radio. “I said sorry, we don’t have it either. But I did rethread the radio to a more common size, and made her day.” 

They’re proud of their other specialties – lock re-keying (“We haven’t had a key returned once,” Mike says), cutting and threading pipe, glass cutting, extensive lines of hard to find items such as switch plates … but most of all, their service-oriented approach to the people who frequent their store.


Frentz Hardware circa 1933
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Frentz Hardware Today
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Our Founder George W. Frentz and Wife Alice 


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