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Hi. Welcome to our store and our web site.

We're Frentz and Sons Hardware, run by Mike, John and Chip Frentz. Our store has been on Main Street in Royal Oak, Michigan since our grandfather, John B. Frentz, moved it here, from Detroit in 1932.

Our store specializes in having, or knowing where to find, the odd, unusual or specialty items that larger chain stores no longer stock because they can't make much of a margin on them. 

That's the second reason that's kept us in business.

We believe the first reason is personal service.

All of us grew up in this store, walking the aisles after school, learning how things work, working the customer service desk, and figuring out how to fix things.

Our store still has the same wooden floors it did when our grandfather moved here. But we think it was his son and our dad, George W. Frentz, who built up the store's reputation by making personal service his top priority.

Royal Oak is a great community. It has its share of new houses and condominiums, but the heart of the community is in a housing stock that, in many cases, is almost a century old. That means boilers instead of furnaces, windows with leaded glass, bedroom doors that still work with skeleton keys, and homeowners who want to repair, rather than replace, the very things that give their homes warmth and charm.

Chances are excellent we have the nickel or dime washer that fits a faucet installed 45 years ago. 

Screws and toggle bolts - we've got a wall of them. 

Make that two walls.

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