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Using crabicide on your lawn

Dear Hardware Guys,

I have a bag of crabicide that is probably four years old, is it any good; and can I spread it by hand, or should I get a spreader?


Hi Dean,

Yes, crabicide i.e. Scott's® Haltz® or Step 1 of a lawn care program that is old and has been sitting around a while should still be fine to use as long as it didn't get wet and turn into a solid mass. If there are a few chunks in the bag break them up with your hands - just be sure to wear gloves when you do.

Crabicide must be put on the lawn with a spreader. It's important that it is applied evenly to the lawn, and you don't want to get any of it on your desirable plants or perennials. It should be applied early in the spring (Feb thru May) before the yellow forsythia bushes turn all green.

The Hardware Guys