Carpenter Ants and Fuses

As spring fishtails into summer, you can tell just by looking at his shelves what the weather is doing and what customers are concerned about. He even predicted that in just a few days, 15 amp fuses are going to be selling like gangbusters.

But that’s getting ahead of things.

Going buggy

For example, ant control chemicals are a huge seller right now. It’s like putting a bug barrier around the perimeter of your house. This is the perfect season for carpenter ants (warm days, cooler nights), and they’re making the most of it. Carpenter ants tunnel to nest in rotted wood with a significant water source nearby. You’re more likely to find carpenter ants in Royal Oak’s more established, older neighborhoods. The wood ceiling on a front porch is a perfect spot for a nest.

Contrary to popular belief, carpenter ants do not eat wood to survive. Instead, they use wood to make a nest. So if you find carpenter ants, the wood was rotted in the first place and needed to be replaced anyway – they don’t like fresh lumber.

To keep carpenter ants away, use a product applied to the ground in a 6-inch swath out from the foundation all around the house.

If you’ve got carpenter ants inside, Mike suggests Raid Ant Baits, particularly for one reason – the holes are large enough for carpenter ants. Other traps won’t be as effective because the traps’ holes are too small, and the ants won’t be able to get inside. Also, many ant and roach sprays do a good job; many are pet a kid-safe now.

Those 15 amp fuses we mentioned earlier? Right around this time of the year, when the temperature goes from spring to scorching, many people crank up their air conditioners while something heavy duty is also just cranking up, such as the refrigerator. A 15 amp fuse is more than enough for older homes, although if you have many appliances drawing much energy simultaneously and your wiring is adequate (12 gage or higher), a 20 amp fuse might be in order. Do not install a higher amperage fuse without checking with a licensed electrician first.